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Women's Flare Leggings Perfect for Fall Season
Oct 14, 2022

For those of you that are new to Halara or this is your first time reading one of our articles, welcome! Halara is the new brand taking over the athletic apparel industry and is all over social media. We always try to keep up with the latest seasonal trends so get ready for our new fall inspired blog post where we introduce one of our newest pieces... The denim flare pants, pet hair resistant flare leggings, and more. So stay tuned!

 Women's Flare Leggings Perfect for Fall Season - Halara

Before we get started, let's first dive into some background information explaining the key features of flare pants and how to style them in this cold weather during fall.

What are flare pants?

The flare pants always make a fashion comeback during the fall season. Flare pants design is a model that is a bit tighter at the thighs with a widened opening from knee to the ankle at the bottom. Some compare flare pants with bootcut jeans or bell bottoms, and although they look very similar in terms or design, flare pants have a wider opening at the bottom.

In general, flare pants have a very feminine shape that accentuates your curves perfectly, creating an hourglass silhouette but has many more advantages for you!

It's difficult to say when the hype with the flared pants started.  In reality, these flared pants have been around for quite some time. In the 1970s, women mainly wore flared jeans. That was a big trend at the time. Some say around 2019 the "second big comeback" started and became a global fashion trend. Many girls started wearing the pants to highlight their feminine curves and make their legs look instantly longer due to its design. There are many different types of flare pants but we have specifically chosen 4 different styles to show you how we would style this during fall.

High Waisted Crossover Pocket Washed Stretchy Knit Denim Casual Super Flare Pants

Price: $44.95

Color: Washed Denim Dark Blue

These high waisted crossover leggings are one of our best sellers based on customer reviews and purchases. It's literally perfect for the fall season since denim always make a comeback during this season. It feels like a double comeback, right? Denim and flare pants. Wow, we don't think there is a better combination than this. Wait, it's even getting better.

Our denim flare pants are made of super stretchy and soft material that keeps you comfortable all day long. Usually, denim pants are super uncomfortable and can be stiff, so that's why our unique R&D team focusing on innovation came up with this new denim fabric with 2-way stretch. These denim flare pants look like jeans but feel like leggings. We really believe being comfortable is the most important thing to make you feel beautiful, and trust us, these pants give you all the main character energy you need!

Crossover High Waisted Back Pocket Super Flare Leggings

Price: $34.95

Style: Regular

Color: Pink Icing

Designed with the unique v-shaped crossover feature that accentuates your curves. In addition, if you have long legs and your bodyshape is slightly slimmer, these super flare leggings jeans can be very nice. Because if you wear these pants they don't accentuate your narrow lower legs but create a fuller bodyshape with the illusion of having a hourglass silhouette. At the same time, if you think you are too short and wish to be a few inches longer, then these super flare leggings are also the perfect solution for you! Wearing flare leggings make your legs appear longer than in reality, especially if you wear it in combination with a nice pair of pumps, a wedge or boots with a heel. Halara went viral worldwide on TikTok when we made a funny video about how stretchy pockets are. It literally fits all your needs, so we really had to add some back pockets to one of our iconic leggings. We have this legging in different sizes and colors, but if you want to spice up your everyday look, then opt for pink icing.

High Waisted Crossover Stretchy Knit Denim Plus Size Casual Flare Pants

Price: $39.95

Color: Black

Halara strives to be body-inclusive. We have an entire collection of plus size clothing with sizes up to 4X. This week, we picked the high waisted cross over denim flare pants for your next #ootd.

Are you wondering how to style these flare pants? Go for a classy look. You can style these pants with an oversized shirt or blouse tucked inside and black blazer with a pair of faux leather ankle boots to top it off. Flared pants with basic boots underneath also look great. A trendy jacket on top and you are completely on trend. You can create a fancy look with beige/cream pants. Add a pair of glamorous earrings and striking shoes and your outfit is complete! Flared pants with a denim print are best combined with a basic top! Furthermore, you can actually wear boots, sneakers and heels under any flared pants. What kind of shoes you choose depends on the look you want to go for and the print of the pants themselves.

Patitoff Flow Pet Hair Resistant Crossover High Waisted Back Pocket Super Flare Leggings

Price: $39.95

Style: Patitoff

Imagine it's a chill Sunday afternoon, just laying around on the couch with your furry best friend and then you realize you have fur all over your legs. Sounds familiar, right? Halara designed a special pet hair resistant collection for all pet lovers and pet owners. Yes, those annoying fur and hair won't stick to it anymore and otherwise you can easily wipe it off. It's super convenient, comfy and stretchy. It's just one of your regular pairs of leggings you wear for a workout or everyday wear.

The Patitoff leggings are always one of our best sellers and especially now for our 2nd Anniversary. If you purchase one item from the Patitoff collection, you get one free bandana gift for your pet, super cute!

So what are you waiting for? Level up your fall game and add flare pants to your wardrobe. We have many different styles, sizes and colors and we know for sure you can find one! Don't forget to download our Halara app to get some extra discounts and you won't miss anything from us. If this is your first time, you can even get up to $15 off on your first order, wow! See you at Halara!