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Selecting high waist yoga leggings as your next pair will have many benefits
Nov 04, 2022

The best leggings for yoga and workouts are definitely high waist leggings!
As more high waist leggings enter the market each year, the true advantages of wearing them for yoga are becoming more and more clear.

The number of different brands and businesses making yoga leggings has steadily increased since we launched our little business back in 2015. Yoga leggings, also known as yoga pants, are getting more and more well-liked daily. Fortunately, it doesn't appear that this popularity will fade very soon.

At the outset
We knew there were a few key characteristics we wanted in every pair of yoga pants we made from the moment we started our company creating them. These included being colorful and fashionable so we could wear them to yoga class and on the school run, having nice long legs, is made of a lightweight fabric, being so very comfy to wear, and being plainly crafted to a high quality.

The wardrobe of our old leggings
After practicing yoga in different pairs of leggings, we realized that some of the leggings we owned were only suitable for certain of the aforementioned purposes. Sadly, very few of the leggings we possessed checked every item on our list of "must-haves." many of them never appeared to have a waist that was high enough for us to feel secure wearing them. And by that, we mean being relaxed both physically and psychologically!

However, why select high waist yoga legs?
Listen to our top 7 causes below.

1. They maintain neat appearances by tucking everything in.
They provide you with a remarkable slimming effect, flatten and smooth your form, and enhance your silhouette.

2. The best style has a higher waist.
Simply said, they appear better overall. Since we have so many leggings in our closets, we should know. For every body type, the high waisted joggers pairs always appear to look the best.

3. Assistance in your yoga class
Our high waist cargo joggers provide you with the ideal figure-hugging and supportive fit since they are comprised of a blend of polyester and spandex. When doing yoga, the right support is crucial. Thus, a pair that combines support and style gives you the best of both worlds.

4. Stop regular adjusting
It may occasionally be more exhausting to have to pull up your leggings after every position than the actual session. A lower waistline might cut and pinch you as you move into position, which is uncomfortable. When your leggings prevent you from doing what you came to the class for, it is distracting.

There are three options if you currently wear a lower-waisted pair of leggings:

Smile and endure.
Purchase a stylish new pair of high waisted joggers from our store. Get 20% off your first order when you subscribe to the newsletter.

You can prevent your leggings from slipping down by reading this helpful article from the american yoga association, which lists a few of the most effective strategies. Even worse, they advise wearing high-waisted leggings to deal with the situation.

5. The horrible muffin
The muffin-top is gone. Yoga pants with a lower waistband can still cause you to develop a small muffin top, regardless of how thin you are. Where your stomach is the smallest, a wide, smooth, high waistband is placed.
Leggings with a high waist prevent muffin tops. Simple.

6. Elegant and flattering with a longer leg
For any size and shape of your yoga body, the combination of a high waist and longer leg length really makes your legs look elegant and flattering.

7. Put them on over a crop top or long-line sports bra
Yoga leggings with a high waisted joggers go well with almost anything, but they really stand out when worn with a crop top or sports bra. Your middle won't feel exposed, and your legs will appear longer than they ever have.

There are many options available when looking to purchase high waisted joggers, but do you know why our yoga pants are the best option for your upcoming pair?

Yoga leggings are not created equal. Some look awful but are great for yoga. Some are useless for yoga but have fantastic looks.

You get the best of both worlds with yogaleggs high waisted yoga leggings, plus so much more!

- Greater waist - no muffin top, no adjusting all the time.
- Non-see-through - in all of your yoga asanas, including the downward dog.
- Strong and built to last
- For mothers on the go, quick-drying
- Animal prints and other unusual patterns are in style right now.
- Great for ashtanga practice because they can fit under the ankle are pants with long legs.
- Perfect for hot yoga because it wicks away moisture.
- For yogis who also love yogis, made by yogis who love yogis!

10 good reasons to try a pair of yogaleggs yoga pants with high waists
1. The patterns are beautiful.
2. They actually conform to your body and give you a lovely shape.
3. They wick away moisture. I've tried the lighter colors, and i never feel like i'm going to pass out in them. I also never get embarrassing sweat stains.
4. I've never had to pull them up in the middle of a set.
5. They are completely squat-proof, so i can squat all i want.
6. They do not limit any of my workouts. They give their all to me.
7. An attractive high rise joggers is a given.
8. I appreciate how current the designs are. I can take them to the school run and still feel put together and stylish.
9. The value for the money is outstanding. As a personal trainer, i wear some of mine all day long and have for almost a year. They look great with my early-morning clients as well as later in the day. I never have the feeling of wanting to leave them.
10. Yogaleggs does it all. I want to buy from and be a part of a company that is lovely, incredibly helpful, and supportive.