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Say goodbye to skinny jeans. Hello to denim flare leggings
Oct 31, 2022

Denim can be found in all kinds of clothing, from jackets, tops, shorts and jeans. Denim has become one of the key trends every fall season and feels like it has only become more popular than ever. We all know the iconic caption "Denim on Denim", right? But wait, at the same time, we believe the popularity of jeans - especially skinny jeans - has declined in recent years due to the pandemic, working from home and the preference for comfortable clothing.

flare leggings

A recent survey by the NPD Group (2022) found that straight-leg jeans now account for 33 percent of U.S. women's denim sales, compared to 30 percent for skinny jeans. This means the skinny jeans trend stepped down from the throne for the first time in at least a decade.

But wait, first, let's get back to the start.

Why do people think jeans are uncomfortable?

Finding the right pair of jeans that fit well is almost an impossible task. Jeans are often too tight around your waist and legs are too short or too long - does this sound familiar to you?
There is always something wrong with jeans and they are often uncomfortable, especially the first few times when you wear them.

We give you the 6 reasons why your pair of skinny jeans are not welcome in your wardrobe anymore:

1. Jeans end up being super stiff
All jeans are of course made of denim, but there is also a big difference. Many complain that their pants are too hard or stiff and can barely move around. Quality and stretchiness of the fabric is of course one the most important things to check.

2. You bought the wrong size
Many brands have regular sizes, so you buy a pair of jeans thinking it will fit you - some can find the perfect jeans - but in reality many people won't. Like how many times have you tried putting on some jeans in the fitting room and found out they are way too short or too long? Jeans sizes are often pretty limited and go up to XL.

3. Bad quality vs higher price
This is a classic one. You thought: "hey, let me save some extra bucks and buy a cheaper pair of jeans". And then your package arrives and minutes later you regret your purchase and that cheap store won't refund your full order.... Yep, we've all made that mistake. The quality of an expensive pair of jeans is obviously better than a cheap one, but then again, do we really want to spend $120? That's a lot of money!

4. Flare trend is better
Y2K fashion made a huge comeback in the past few years, and you see so many women and girls wearing clothing if we're back in the 2000s again. Some say skinny jeans are for millennials and now it's Gen-Z who dominate the fashion rules and made the flare design style super popular on the streets and social media. What's your take on this?

5. Post-pandemic fashion
We worked from home for two years. And let's face it, many of us did so in leggings, sweatpants and super soft pajamas *guilty AF*. But it's pretty difficult to suddenly wear stylish outfits again if you can also wear comfy styles and basic everyday staples at work, in the gym or even at a night out with your friends.

6. And all the other reasons....
Your skinny jeans are.... Falling down? Uncomfortable? Fading color? Oh no, wait, they have lost its elasticity and are too big now.

We believe reason 5 is a very interesting one, because yes, we are Halara.

Halara is all about promoting and empowering women and girls around the world to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable. We especially specialized in offering athletic apparel, everyday wear and comfy styles, so we came up with something new. We knew many people love and hate denim at the same time, so we created this lookalike denim fabric to create flare pants that literally feel like leggings but look like jeans. How cool is that?!

Now that skinny leggings are officially out of the game, Halara flare leggings are ready to take over straight from the social media runway. Just more proof that we keep up with the latest trends based on what our community loves, wants and needs.

You want comfort? Check!
But you still want denim? Check
You want affordability? Check!
But you still want quality? Check!

It really took us a long time to develop this one of a kind lookalike denim fabric that is stretchy and extremely comfy but still gives you that jeans textured look without all the annoying features. Well, Halara got you covered.

One of our most-loved pieces is the denim flare legging that is perfect for the fall season. The flared design brings retro vibes for a fun and timeless look. Plus, we have designed this unique v-shaped crossover design to accentuate your curves creating the illusion of an hourglass shaped bodyshape, because yes, we all want that, right?

So how would we style this denim flare legging for fall? When we think of fall, two items pops up in our minds. Flare designs and blazers.

So, Halara flare leggings and blazers are a game designed in a sophisticated style of heaven. You can't go wrong if you wear the combo with a simple bodysuit and boots or down with trendy heels and a simple top.

PS: yes, these flare leggings are for every style, size and shape and available up to 4X. We are aware we need to be more body inclusive and really want to make sure our key staples are available for everybody. Finding your item and size should be a fun shopping experience and we really hope you can find your items with us at Halara!

Let's have a quick recap of our blog post before we're wrapping it up. Flare designs are back once more, and here's precisely a way to fashion them for this decade. So are you geared up for the comeback of denim flare leggings? Here you can see our full stretchy knit denim leggings collection:  and if you download our Halara app you can get some awesome disc ounts on your first order!