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New Flared Legging Brand To Know About
Oct 07, 2022

Straight from the social media runway, these flared leggings are seen everywhere on the streets nowadays. Halara is one of the world's fastest-growing online athleisure brands, providing high-quality activewear in over 20,000+ styles, including stylish exercise dresses, cute tennis skirts and... And now also flared leggings. The reviews for Halara in our app store are great, 4.5 of 5 stars *really*. Let's review our top flared pants for you.

New Flared Leggings Brand to Know About

This post will look at some important factors to consider while picking the best flared leggings. We want you to look gorgeous, beautiful and confident in our pieces. We have thoughtfully designed these flared pants where high quality meets affordability to make sure everyone can afford these items.

There are many brands out there, so we can definitely understand you don't know which one to pick but don't worry. In our guide, we will show you all the features, benefits and components that a perfect pair of flared pants needs and after a few minutes of reading we show you our favorite selection.

What are Halara flared leggings?

Flared leggings are a mix of flared jeans and leggings - but ours are better. With a high waist design that accentuates the figure, lifts the booty, and sits nicely above the hips designed to stay up & not fall down. This is a model that is a bit tighter at the thighs and becomes wider from the knees downward, creating a very feminine shape. It also has many benefits.

Our flare leggings make you instantly taller and slimmer. Your legs actually seem endless! Ooh la la! Wearing these leggings gives your outfit a twist and it is also super comfy. Also check out the slight v-shaped crossover design that proves fashion can be more than two-dimensional creating a very trendy look.

The flare is also super versatile. So you can easily wear it on a day off just lounging around the house, but also, for example, on a night out or at work. Wear simple white sneakers to create a simple look, for example, while wearing your favorite pump makes the look extra sexy and gives it a more feminine touch.

What makes this flare legging so unique?

There are many different types of flared pants. Normally, flared jeans consist of denim and are not very suitable for your typical Sunday chillings. That's why we have designed flare leggings with our technology that ensures the fabric stretches with your body, no matter how you move combined with 4-way stretch that offers ultimate mobility without wearing down the fabric.

How do you style our flared leggings?

Style 1 | Classic style

How are most people spending their week? That's right, at work. We tell you: these pants are definitely office-proof! Wear it with your favorite top and a classy blazer or a simple black ankle boot and you are ready to go.

Style 2 | Comfy Style

Wanna chill at home? Then of course, you prefer to wear comfortable clothes that feel as if you're wearing your PJs. Create a comfy look with a nice thick sweater or loose shirt and pair it with your favorite sneakers perfect for cute coffee dates or doing the errands quickly.

Style 3 | Party style

It is definitely possible to create a day-to-midnight look especially when you wear these flare leggings with some stylish heels, a sexy top and put some make-up on to complete your look.

  1. Review of Halara Classic Super Flare

The advantages of flare pants, in general, are that they are light, flowing, flattering to the form, and, above all, they are ideal for every occasion. These Classic Super Flare leggings are perfect when you're on the move, lounging around the house, and even for yoga.

With a high waist that forms the figure, lifts the booty, and sits nicely above the hips and also features a back waistband pocket for maximum convenience that fills all your needs. This type of flare leggings are one of our most-loved styles and best-selling items. It is available in 13 colors, and recently added two new colors to the collection: Cendre Blue and Seagrass.

As of now, the Classic Super Flare Leggings are available for $34.95

  1. Crossover Pocket Split Hem Full Length Flare Leggings-Smile

Anyone searching for stylish and comfortable styles may choose the Crossover Pocket Split Hem Full Length Flare Leggings-Smile. For anybody trying to hide a soft belly, the crossover flare leggings create a flattering, slimming hourglass silhouette illusion, and the high-rise waist is super comfortable for lounging around the house or just chilling at home.

They are super lightweight and breathable, and you can feel the fabric is quite similar to the best-selling Wannabe one-piece dress. We keep elastane and replace nylon with polyester for more trendy styles and to make it feel as soft as clouds. With a mid-rise design that is literally the best of both worlds, creating a casual yet cool look perfect for low intensity activities such as jogging, tennis, cycling, and skating made out of stretchy fabric to feel comfortable throughout your workout and throughout the day.

  1. Crossover High Waisted Back Pocket Plus Size Super Flare Leggings

 Plus-sized fit designed for comfortable wear available in sizes XS till 4X so everyone can wear these flare leggings, no matter your body type, shape or size. At Halara, our goal is to become more inclusive and affordable so everyone can shop here. Not all items are in plus size yet, but we design, produce and sell more and more items in bigger sizes.

The pants are really soft, plus they have elasticity to make sure everything stays in place and sits super comfortable. The waistband won't feel tight on your body and covers any flanks. One of the biggest benefits is that the leggings won't drop down thanks to the sturdy elastic waistband, which also offers you a flattering, sleek silhouette. The flared design brings retro vibes for a fun and timeless look available in 4 colors: Wet weather, Oceane, Pink Icing, and the classic Black color.

As of now, the plus size leggings are available for $39.95 USD.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog about flare leggings and giving you a better insight into which type of flare leggings you prefer. We have tons of other choices, so make sure you check out our website or app. We drop new items weekly, have tons of specials deals and promos and often do giveaways on our social channels. See you next week for a new blog post!