*Terms and Conditions of Halara's Gift Card

1. During the Dress Day sale period on the HALARA website (from 00:00 on June 18th to 24:00 on June 19th, Western Time), you can get an extra $10 Gift Card when you place an order over $89 and pay with Klarna.
2. The Gift Card will be issued through email within 48 hours after the customer confirms the order, and each email address can only participate in the event once.
3. The gift card will activate from the 16th day after the purchase and expire 30 days after activation.
4. If the first order is partially returned, resulting in the actual payment amount of the remaining items does not being $89, the Gift Card will be canceled.
5. Customers who successfully participate in the activity will receive three emails: a gift card confirmation email, a validity reminder email, and a gift card expiration reminder email.