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How to Pick the Best Pair of Leggings
Jul 15, 2021
Picking the best pair of leggings is a daunting task for many women. It can require research, preparation, and consideration of various factors to make sure that you find the perfect fit for you. Research shows that leggings keep your body supported and help to wick away your sweat to regulate your body temperature during fitness activities. There are dozens of brands and hundreds of legging products available on the market. So how do you choose the best pair of leggings? Let us answer this question!

Focus on the Fabric

Leggings come in a wide range of fabrics and designs. It is crucial to choose the material that keeps you comfortable throughout your sweat session. If you do mild to moderate exercise, we you can choose cotton leggings (or a cotton-blend) because they are breathable enough to regulate your body temperature and keep odors at bay.
On the other hand, if you perform hardcore workouts, such as hot yoga, boxing, HIIT, and aerobic exercises, we recommend Spandex blends and nylon. These are popular choices for women because they wick away more sweat and dry very quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on the type of fabric according to your exercise activities.

Select a Compression Level

Leggings for women come in various compression strengths. The right type of compression can reduce fatigue and soreness by increasing blood flow to your muscles and skin. Although it is your personal choice or preference, we recommend a simple cotton legging with high compression features.
Remember, this depends on your comfort level. For instance, if you engage in a light workout, you don’t need compression in the pair of leggings. Conversely, if you perform HIIT workouts, you should opt for compression leggings.
Compression is an essential feature that increases oxygenated blood circulation throughout your body. That way, you skin and muscles can feel relaxed even if you perform high-intensity workouts.

Select a Cut

Exercise leggings come in four different cuts, and each one has its own unique features and performance benefits. When you find the right cut, you will exercise better and burn more calories. Not only will you feel comfortable, but you will also feel less distracted during your workout session. Let us now talk about the four different cuts.
  1. Full-Length

As the name indicates, a full-length cut is the longest and often includes a stirrup, which goes around your foot. A full-length cut is suitable for women who want to cover up their legs’ skin. Remember, this is an excellent choice for women who don’t want to expose their skin.
  1. Boot-Cut

Boot-cut is a unique cut with different features from other leggings. For instance, it is loose at the bottom of your calves and ankles. Most women choose the boot-cut for yoga and light exercise regimens. It means you can use these leggings for activities other than performing exercises.
  1. Capri

Capri is one of the most popular options for women who want to show a bit of their skin. These leggings hit right under your knees and keep you cool during the exercise. Unlike full-length leggings, capri-cut is an ideal option for summer.
  1. Cropped, 3/4th length

Cropped (also known as 3/4th length) or athletic leggings are a popular cut for women who perform high-intensity workouts. These leggings hit around the middle of your calf, providing more support for challenging exercises.

Extra Features

Many women want comfortable, reliable, and affordable leggings with unique features. Some brands offer high-quality legging products with extra features. For instance, we recommend choosing the best pair of leggings with a built-in pocket. The purpose is to keep your small accessories safe during your workout, such as your car or home keys, cash, credit cards, etc.
That way, you can roam around in your neighborhood or run errands without changing your clothes. If you want to store your phone or cash, make sure you choose leggings with sleek pockets. That way, you can enjoy music during the exercise.

Final Words

Research shows that high-quality leggings can trap sweat and wick it away to keep your skin pores open. People, particularly women, who wear leggings are less susceptible to sweat-related complications, such as ringworm.
However, if you choose a style of leggings that is too too tight, you will have increased risks of developing fungal infections on your skin and genital areas. The factors given above can help you pick the best pair of leggings.
halara offers many stylish legging designs in all of these categories of leggings. If you need help finding your perfect fit, reach out to us via IG DM at @thehalara!