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Biker shorts: What is the best of 2022?
Mar 18, 2022

For cyclists, shorts (also known as culottes ) are essential pieces of clothing. And it is that good padding of the seat that makes us sit comfortably in the saddle and do not lose the sporty position. That is why today we tell you everything you should take into account before purchasing one.


Most cyclists use shorts with straps, as they allow a great fit of the garment on the body, and there can be no cut in the abdomen. There are biker shorts with pockets exclusively created for the position we wear when riding a bike, with innovative designs and endowed with excellent breathability and padding.

The most important

Although it is possible that we only associate biker shorts with professional athletes, the truth is that it is a garment that we should wear whenever we practice this sport since, beyond style issues, its use is necessary for protecting the perianal area.

We recommend wearing biker shorts, whether beginners or casual cyclists, as they will help us feel comfortable on the bike and enjoy the experience. Wearing this garment will allow us to stay on the bike for a long time without suffering from chafing or discomfort.

To make the right choice for your biker shorts or tights, it is essential to look at some basic criteria such as the material they are made of, the visibility of the garment, the support, or the accessories. The type of shorts that we will buy depends on whether the acquisition is satisfactory.

The best biker shorts for women

Although women feel comfortable wearing men's biker shorts with pockets, we stick with this specialized model. The reason is that the chamois is shorter and broader, and, in addition, it has a distribution of padded areas focused on the female morphology. Therefore, it is more efficient for them.

It is a thermal and soft model with skin that fits well. Likewise, it cuts the wind and does not produce friction.

Shopping guide: What you should know about biker shorts

If you want to buy biker shorts for your bike rides or your exercises at home with your stationary bike, here we guide you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Follow our instructions in the following lines, and success in the purchase will be assured. Ahead!

What are biker shorts used for, and what is the chamois?

Whether you practice biker shorts with pockets on the road or in the mountains, it is advisable to wear a well-fitting uniform. Biker shorts are the characteristic outfit of this sport, based on an artificial fiber called lycra. As for the biker, chamois is an anatomically padded cushion placed under the perianal area. It is designed to absorb vibrations shocks and reduce friction between the saddle and the ischial tuberosity.

The quality of this and the breathability of the fabric is decisive.

The chamois must also provide the cyclist with adequate cushioning throughout the pedaling session to avoid injuries and chafing. They must evacuate sweat properly, be hypoallergenic, and be easy to clean.

What should we wear under our biker shorts, and how do I choose the size?

The shorts that contain gel, both in the chamois and in the fabric, have been designed for direct contact with the skin and with our body. This is why it is advisable to go naked under our shorts. The primary purpose of biker shorts is to absorb and wick sweat away from the inner thigh, promoting perspiration and keeping the body dry.

On the other hand, it is advisable always to choose a size above what we usually wear. For example, if you wear a size M jersey and shorts, you must select a size L. But, to make sure and choose the right size, it is advisable to measure yourself first. However, most providers offer the possibility of free returns.

How to correctly choose biker shorts?

Anyone who enjoys riding a bike should experience the difference in doing it with the right equipment. And in the case of bikers, the ideal shorts. In addition, you will be very comfortable. You will notice the benefits of having worn them the next day. Here are some tricks to choose them correctly.

Biker shorts differentiate genders. There are culottes for men and women. The female ones wear crossed straps, although many women use men's shorts indistinctly. If you have the opportunity to try on the shorts, don't let them be on your feet. This is because the biker position is seated, and trying them on raised from the saddle will cause slack to appear or the straps to be shorter, or the chamois to be uncomfortable.

Biker shorts should be long enough to cover up to the knee. Although it may seem  like an uncomfortable length for summer, it is a muscle compression system. The chamois must have the correct size. It should cover the iliac bones and the perineum. Neither bigger nor smaller.

The tires must be of quality. They do not press too much, nor are they so loose that they make the garment fall. Light and careful seams. After a biker day, the seams may make us uncomfortable if they are not flat enough. Colors. Light tones for warm and sunny times and outings on the road or in the city. Dark colors for mountain terrain where there may be mud. Reflective shades for cyclists who love to ride when the sun goes down.