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Wowzers wow okay wow DANG I am so happy with this purchase. I ordered a size small of the full length legging and the Capri legging. when I took my measurements, it said I would be a medium - I have a bit of a butt and thighs but otherwise I'm considered a small. They said the package was supposed to arrive (to Canada) in about a month, it took like a week!! The leggings themselves are so soft, and stretchy yet thin but not overly thin. In comparison to all my lulu lemon leggings, I would say their stretch makes all the difference. I don't feel like I have to yank my pants up my legs, they just slide up so easily. They feel breathable, too! As soon as I tried them on, I grabbed my kitty and rubbed her on my legs to test the hair resistance and DANG! Like the reviews said, it literally pats right off. The pockets (YEP TWO WHOLE POCKETS) go right up to my wrists, it's amazing. I read some reviews saying that they roll down in the front, but I haven't experienced that myself! And their length is PERFECT! ILY!!

Samantha Simpson

Absolutely love them! I will definitely ordering more from you guys! Thank you :)


I normally never leave reviews (just stars) but i love these leggings so much - leggings are normally too tight on my stomach (I have higher/bigger hips) but these not only are very comfortable around my tummy and hips, they are fitted, have POCKETS, and so far no cat hair in sight... I'm buying another pair for myself and my mom!
I'm 5'6,135lbs, and I'm usually size 6 ish and the small fits perfect. I have smaller legs and bum but bigger hips. Would recommend 10000x!


they fit perfectly and they are so comfy, ide definitely buy more from this brand 100%


I'm between a size 4 to a 5 and these fit good not a fan of the cross v but I do like the fit and faci that pet hair comes off it so worth the money.