How To Wash And Dry Your Sports Bra

Sportswear such as leggings, tank tops, sports bras, and sweat pants need to be specially taken care of to ensure they retain their premium quality for as long as possible. As they are used regularly and subjected to a lot of sweat, they must be washed and dried properly so that they do not stink or spread germs.
Washing a sports bra involves a few easy and simple steps. It's recommended to hand wash your high quality sportswear to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to hand wash and dry your sports bra by hand or in washing after the gym.

Hand-Washing and Drying Your Sports Bra

Step 1

Take off your sports bra as soon as you're done working out and soak it. You can even soak and wash it in your bathroom sink.

Step 2

Pour some detergent into the tub and make sure that the bra is fully immersed in the soapy water. Let it soak for 15 minutes.

Step 3

After the sports bra has soaked for 15 minutes, wash it by gently massaging the fabric with the soapy suds. Be careful not to stretch the sports bra as this can loosen the quality of the elastic. Rinse with clean, nonsoapy water.

Step 4

Hang the sports bra on one of the drying stands and let it dry naturally. Do not put it into a dryer because it is most likely to lose its elasticity in the drying machine.

Washing Your Sports Bra In A Washing Machine

If you choose to wash your bra in a washing machine, make sure all the clasps of the bra are fastened before putting it in the machine to avoid the bra getting tangled with other clothes. Dry it by lying it flat under a wind source or hanging it out in the sun.

Other Ways To Keep Your Sports Bra Clean

Washing your sports bra after every use and drying it correctly is one way of prolonging the life of your sports bra. There are also other ways of taking good care of your sports bra.
It is always the best idea to have more than one pair of all the things that you need for the gym. As most people hit the gym every day, it means that the leggings, bra, tank tops have to be washed every day. However, it is not feasible having to wash your bra every day. So, you should have a few sports bras in your wardrobe so that you always have something to use.
You can wear one of your sports bras two days a week without washing and then utilizing the other two for the rest of the week. When you decide to do your laundry at the end of the week, you can wash them all. This way you’ll have all three of them available in your drawer by the start of another week.
Once your bra starts losing its flexibility and stretchability and the band becomes stretched, it is time to buy a new one. Bras are supposed to support your breasts because exercising in a bra with poor support can sag your breasts.
If you take care of your sports bras properly, they can last you for a long time. Using a large amount of detergent can cause the color of the bra to fade after a few washes so always avoid using too much detergent. Always handwash when possible, and when not possible, follow the steps to ensure the washing machine isn't too tough on your sports bra. If you follow the tips, your bra is likely to retain its shape and perform its function properly for a long time.
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