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How to Pick the Best Sports Bra
Jun 12, 2021
If you are into fitness, yoga, or if you do any exercise, then you should have a few good quality sports bras in your fitness wardrobe. When performing different kinds of sports, especially those which involve running and jumping, your breasts will move in various motions, which can put them under stress and strain. So, to keep them protected and prevent them moving too much, you need the best sports bra for your specific activity. Choosing the best sports bra is necessary as the wrong one can lead to soreness, pain, and tissue damage. So, we've developed a guide with some tips and tricks on how to pick the best sports bra for yourself.

Decide which activity for which you need a sports bra.
First, you need to look for a sports bra according to the type of activity you will be performing. Brands categorize the sports bra according to the impact level of the sport and the level of support needed. For low-impact activities such as yoga, walking, and strength training, your breasts need low support and low-impact bras will be best for it. These bras usually have a narrower strap, cup-less design, and are more lightweight. They have compression properties and tightly compress your breasts against the chest wall.

Then there are medium impact bras for medium-impact activities such as dancing, hiking, skiing, and cycling. These bras have wider bands and straps, and they may have encapsulation and compression styles.

High impact activities such as running, aerobics, and mountain climbing need maximum support, and thus you'll need the best sports bras made for high-impact. These have the widest straps and also often will feature adjustable straps with a defined cup structure to support each breast. These are a combination of both encapsulation and compression designs.

Adjustable straps vs. pullover bras
You may prefer adjustable strap bras over pullover bras. As with pullover bras, the straps might lose their elasticity with time, resulting in providing less support to your breasts. The adjustable straps will always provide you the proper support that your breasts need and give you a customized fit. They will last longer as the straps can be adjusted if the bra ages and stretches over time.

Choosing the right fabric when picking your sports bra is also incredibly important. Look for moisture-wicking fabric to prevent chafing and rashes. Avoid using 100% cotton bras as the moisture will stay on the skin, keeping the skin wet and causing irritation. Ensure the sports bra fits well to help prevent chafing as it can occur due to poor fit, excessive sweating, sensitive skin, or longer workouts.
You can also look for underwired sports bras as the underwire gives support to each breast and helps in preventing their movement. They lift your chest and can help give it a shape. But, make sure the underwire is completely covered, lays flat against your ribcage and below the breast tissues, and doesn’t poke or pinch your skin as it might cause you discomfort.

And last but not least, the best sports bra is the one which fits you perfectly and is according to your cup size. It should not be too big that it doesn’t protect your breasts, nor too small that it constricts your breathing. To help find your perfect sports bra size, we've developed a separate guide here.

So, these are some tips and tricks that can help you pick the best sports bra for yourself and continue enjoying all fitness activities.