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Best 3 Halara Women's Flared Leggings
Oct 07, 2022

New trends come and go, but there are always a few timeless pieces that is always trending, no matter the time. Flare pants is one of them. When fall starts, everyone wears flared pants again to create a fall-inspired look.

 Best 3 Halara Women's Flared Leggings

Why do you need a pair of flare pants in your wardrobe?

The fall staple continues to be loved amongst many women thanks to its practical and flattering silhouette that offers something different from the typical jeans and pants styles. As mentioned, the recent comeback can be thanked to Gen Zers, who all together renounced skinny jeans last year, eliminating this Millennials' favorite style and making comfort more popular.

While the standard black flared jeans are the most popular version, nowadays more and more styles can be found in different materials, from stretch fabrics and velvet that are more casual and also way more comfortable.

How to style flare pants?

The flare pants offer many styles and can suit both a casual outfit person and the fashion lover with a little more guts. For an effortless daytime look, a simple outfit can consist of sneakers and a large sweater or shirt with a simple pair of black flare pants; this is a style suitable for fall or spring season. If you want to create a day to midnigt look, then wear some flare pants with a high-heeled shoe with narrow straps and a glittery crop top or body that enhances the silhouette of the flare. If you're going for a 1970s look, wear the pants with a slim-fitting shirt with a colorful print, complete with a bold collar. Take things even more retro with a fringed waistcoat or a long fit jacket with fuzzy hems for a modern take.  Flare pants also often come in different textures and prints, often in a ribbed knit style that are easy and comfortable to wear perfect for fall or winter.

In today's blog post, we will show you our three favorites items.

  1. Crossover High Waisted Back Pocket Super Flare Leggings

This is not just a flare legging. This is 'the' Super Flare Legging made out of high quality, super soft and stretchy fabric with a high waist that forms the figure, lifts the booty, and sits nicely above the hips, and is designed to stay up & not fall down. We created these unique crossover designs that prove everyone can have an hourglass silhouette. This v-shaped design really accentuates your curves and you will feel super confident, comfy and cool.

We also know many women always carry a lot of essentials like lipgloss, phone, bank cards, money, and other things. That's why we have designed a back pocket that is super stretchy and literally fills all your needs for maximum convenience.

Additional advantages

  1. Your legs look longer in flared pants, especially in combination with wedges or shoes with a pointed toe.
  2. Because the bottom is super wide, this model is very suitable for women with wider hips and/or thighs.
  3. But actually everyone can wear this model. Sizes are available in XS-4X
  4. Do you have a large bust? Then this model balances your figure with these super flared pants.

 Pocket Flare Leggings

You want leggings, but in a different style. You want flare pants, but in a different style. Well, we've got you covered. Check out the Halara Pocket Flare Leggings which basically has everything but you never knew you needed this. Just like many of our other pieces, these leggings also have a high waist design that offers ultra-comfort and support, making sure everything stays in place.

The flared design with pockets brings streetstyle vibes for a fun and edgy look, and can be easily transformed from a day to midnight look. There are two side flap pockets that fill all your needs such as your phone or your fave lipgloss when you're on the go. Choosing the right fabric is also very important to us because this all depends whether you feel comfortable or not. These pocket flare pants are made out of 4-way stretch fabric, so you move easily. A lot of girls made funny videos of how stretchy our items are! You can already buy a pair for $34.95 and if you check Halara regularly, maybe you will find some extra special deals to get extra discounts.

Halara Flared leggings only for $34.95

We hope you liked our blog post again and good luck with choosing one of our flared pants styles. We drop new styles every week, so don't forget to download our app and be notified first.